How to Avoid Your Emails to be Marked as Spam

When sending email campaigns, one of the main goals is to get your emails opened. This goal can be a challenge as you have to make sure that your emails arrive on the recipients’ inbox instead of the spam folder. Here are some tips in order to avoid having your emails marked as spam:

1) Avoid Using Spam Words and Phrases
Although there is no complete list of words that trigger spam, always remember that the spam filters are looking for emails that are promotions or advertisements. Therefore, try to limit your usage of words such as free, credit, promo, buy, etc.

2) Tell Your Recipients to Whitelist You or Add You as a Contact
This is probably the easiest, but rarely practiced way for your emails to arrive on their inbox and not in the Junk folder. It depends on you on how you want to encourage your email recipients to add you to their contact list or whitelist you.

3) Make Unsubscribing Easy
Make unsubscribing a one-step, easy process, and the link should be visible or easy to find. If people who do not want to receive your emails anymore cannot opt-out from receiving them in the future, then they will most likely hit the Mark as Spam button.

4) Send Quality Content
Make sure your links redirect to valid websites and that you maintain a good text-to-image ratio. Maintaining a good text-to-image ration means that you do not send image-only graphics and that you have lines of text for every graphic. Also, avoid large attachments and executable attachments. If you really need to send a large attachment, you may use services such as Dropbox or OneDrive. You may also want to limit the usage of red fonts and huge headline-sized fonts because they may cause spam-filter issues.

5) Manage Your Subject Lines
The subject line is a huge basis on whether your email will arrive to the inbox or the Junk folder. Avoid using ALL CAPS or too many exclamation points. Also, remember that the first 30 to 50 characters of the email subject line is what’s visible to the reader so yours should not be longer than that. Make it short but not less than five to six words.

6) Avoid Purchasing Email Lists and Spam Traps
Purchased email lists are full of dead emails and spam traps. Spam traps are flagged email addresses that are not anymore operated by a human. Sending an email to spam traps informs email service providers that you are sending unsolicited emails.

Choosing your Role in League of Legends

League of Legends is considered as one of the most played video games currently. It is a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA) developed by Riot Games, wherein two teams, composed of powerful champions, battle in the arena to destroy the opposing team’s Nexus.

The roles of each champion are determined in the selection screen as the team discusses and picks the one which is most eligible and can make a great contribution to the team-play. This post will tackle more about the champion roles, lanes, and how you would pick a certain champion.

Currently, the standard meta, the layout frequently played because of its efficiency and high win rate, is composed of the following roles:

Top Lane:
Either a Tank, an Off-tank, an Assassin, a Fighter, or combination of those

Mid Lane:
Magician or Assassin (AP Carry)

Jungler can be a Tank, an Assassin, or a Fighter

Bot Lane:
Marksman (AD Carry) and Support

In order for you to properly select which champion to use, you have to start picking your role first. Let’s get to know more about the roles for each champion or lane and let me start off with the most popular one which is the AP Carry.

The AP CARRY can be a Magician or Assassin. They usually do extreme damage to enemy champions because of their skills. However, just like on most games, magicians/assassins can be easily killed because of their low HP and squishy build. AP champions are usually ranged and can do burst damage to enemy champions. However, their basic attacks produce very little damage unless bumped by a passive or a skill.

Commonly used AP Carry Champions:

Ranged AP: Ahri, Anivia, Azir, Brand, Cassiopeia, Heimerdinger, Lissandra, Lux, Malzahar, Orianna, Syndra, Veigar, Vel’Koz, Viktor, Xerath, Ziggs

Assassins: Akali, Diana, Ekko, Fizz, Kassadin, Katarina, LeBlanc, Nidalee, Talon, Yasuo, Zed

Melee AP: Fizz, Diana, Katarina, Gragas


Supports are champions whose abilities help and buff their teammates. Examples of these skills are shields, heal, speed and stat buffs. They also usually have crowd control effects to start or engage a team fight, disengage a team fight, disable the enemy champion or team, or save the team from dying which may result to more kills.

The Support role is very vital but is not that popular because it merely relies on the team for gold. A Support cannot carry the game unlike other roles. However, having a good Support can increase the chance of winning and can make a huge difference when it comes to map vision, protection, good engages, and attaining objectives.

Support may seem like an easy role, but it is not. Supports have a lot of duties and these are the following:

-Warding: Vision is very important in League. With the right vision of the map, your team can create better engages, counter enemy’s objectives, and kill enemies without losing much spell cooldowns.

-Protection: The Support’s lane partner is the AD Carry (Marksman) so its duty is to protect the Marksman at all cost so that he/she can slay more and live.

-Setting Up Engages: Most Supports poke and harass the enemy champion until your Marksman is ready to make the kill. Supports are not there to have good KDA. The kills (on minions and enemies) and are supposed to be given to your Carry so that they can have more items.

Support Champions: Annie, Alistar, Bard, Blitzcrank, Braum, Leona, Lulu, Morgana, Nami, Nautilus, Sona, Soraka, Tahm Kench, Taric, Thresh, Zyra


The Jungler can be a Fighter, a Tank, or an Assassin. Junglers deal with the jungle camps for gold and level, and will visit and gank any lane to secure a kill. Most champions can be a Jungler, but not all of them are effective as one. Usually, effective Junglers are those champions with damaging crowd control effects. Although, the Jungler role is more effective if the Summoner (player) is very knowledgeable of the game and its rotation (spawn of jungle camp monsters, when to take an objective such as kill, Dragon buff, Baron Nashor buff, and towers).

Commonly played Jungler Champions: Amumu, Hecarim, Jarvan IV, Kha’Zix, Lee Sin, Master Yi, Nocturne, Rek’Sai, Rengar, Sejuani, Shaco, Skarner, Trundle, Udyr, Vi, Warwick, Zac


The Marksman is a difficult, but a very rewarding role. Playing one takes a lot of patience and determination as you have to farm as many minions as you can because this role is very dependent on its items. It is also very crucial that the Marksman stays alive during the team fight. Aside from the damage they deal to enemies, staying alive after the clash also means taking out enemy towers and a chance to secure Dragon or Baron Nashor kill, which are very important objectives as well. A good Marksman is good in farming and poking enemies at the same time. Also, a Marksman with good kiting mechanics is considered to be a strong Marksman.

Marksman Champions: Ashe, Caitlyn, Corki, Draven, Ezreal, Graves, Kalista, Lucian, Kog’Maw, Miss Fortune, Quinn, Sivir, Varus, Vayne


Top Laners are mostly Fighters, Bruisers, Tanks, Off-Tanks, or sometimes, Assassins. These champions build damage, health, armor, magic resistance, and tenacity. Basically, it is a combination of damage and defense. Most of the top laner champions are melee with gap closer abilities to better engage in team fights.

Mostly played Top Laner Champions: Darius, Fiora, Garen, Irelia, Jax, Maokai, Olaf, Renekton, Sion, Wukong

H&M – The Brand I Love

Being picky when it comes to my clothing, I consider buying good clothes an investment. Years and years of buying local and imported brands had established an advanced experience on my part when picking clothes, not only for me but also for my daughter. Few years ago, I’ve met this brand which is called H&M. We don’t have H&M yet in our country and so the first H&M apparel that I had was from its store in Dubai (this was year 2008). It was a peach-colored dress without sleeves and knee-length. The dress was cheap when converted to our currency and I liked its style. It was made of 100% polyester and I felt very comfortable when I wore it. Also, this dress is still alive until now. Actually, after a few years of using that dress in a frequent manner (few times in a quarter) and putting it in an automatic washing machine without any gentle settings at all, I decided to buy more H&M dresses, bottoms, underwear, and shirts for me and my daughter. Until now, H&M has my trust and hasn’t disappointed me, not even once. I have heard that their accessories get worn out easily, but I haven’t tried buying that. I am not a fan of accessorizing because I am almost always with my daughter and she gets irritated with bracelets, necklaces, and such.

 Moving on, if you haven’t tried H&M, I am suggesting that you do. They just opened their flagship store here in the Philippines last year, 2014. The prices are a little bit higher from the clothes that I got from H&M Dubai, but it’s understandable because of the taxes here in our country.  I am so glad they finally opened a store here and I am encouraging my friends to try H&M and see if they will like it. I always tell them that the clothes there are worth the money and they should consider it instead of buying more expensive ones that worn out easily.IMG_3541